It gives us great pleasure to keep you updated about the activities of the Hope Project and our efforts to make a difference in the lives of the poor and vulnerable living in Basti Hzt. Nizamuddin.

This page brings you our annual reports, newsletters and press reports about the Hope Project.

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We believe that sharing our work with you is important because we have been inspired by the people we have met, their courage and determination in the face of so many odds. Our work has changed us in so many ways and we hope to convey some of our experiences and lessons.

We also believe that we cannot work in isolation. To bring about change we need to work in partnership with others, complementing our strengths and learning from each other. Not only do we need your support, we also need your suggestions and feedback. To receive our newsletters, reports and occasional updates, please send an email to



annual reports



Vol 35 Jul 2018
Vol 34 Dec 2017
Vol 33 July 2017
Vol 32 Dec 2016
Vol 31 Jun 2016
Vol 30 Dec 2015
Vol 29 June 2015
Vol 28 Dec 2014
Vol 27 June 2014
Vol 26 Dec 2013
Vol 25 June 2013
Vol 24 Dec 2012
Vol 23 June 2012
Vol 22 Dec 2011
Vol 21 June 2011
Vol 19 June 2010





First City
Ram in Rahim's basti
Dec 2006
11Business Standard
Candle in the Wind
Indian Express
Flying Fingers
Aug 2006
1Delhi Times
Hope springs eternal
May 2005 1

German News
Right to a childhood
Feb 2005 1

First City
Spice of History
Nov 2003

German News
Promoting Livelihoods
Oct 2003

Indian Express
There's Hope
The project brings hope to girls
Nov 2003
Food of Love
Oct 2003 1

First City
Hope Floats
Nov 2002First City
Hope Floats
Nov 2002


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